The company “Il Colle del Gusto” starts its business as a manufacturer of vegetable preserves, in oil and ready-made sauces and converts the products of the Anna Maria Conti Agricultural Company in its own in-house laboratory.

Almost for fun, in 2014, he started a production of sweet spreads using his own extra virgin olive oil.

In 2015, with the pistachio and extra virgin olive oil spread, he won the prestigous “Sofi Awards” in New York as the best product in the “imported in the USA” category. This event started an unstoppable growing success that allowed in a very short time to reach numerous national and international supply agreements, aswell as working on behalf of third parties.

This continued growth lead to the split of the purely agricultural production and the more artisan, prerogative of the Sabinae Alimenti s.r.l.s., that detaches itself from the agricultural buisness and relocate itself in the municipality of Montopoli di Sabina in a modern and efficient facility with high production capacity and a easy logistic.

All products from “Il Colle del Gusto” are characterized by the excellence that comes from the passion, from the respect for genuineness, the highest quality raw materials and the traditions and nature.

The added value of these products is given by a carefully consideration of the most modern health needs, nutritional needs and with a careful look at allergies and intolerances and new market requirements.


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