Our Products

There are several product lines for both domestic and professional consumption but always unique is the attention: from the meticulous choice of raw materials to their processing in the continous aim of maintaining their natural characteristics. Our products aim to satisfy the most refind taste research and to take a careful look at nutritional and health needs such as allergies and intolerances. In fact, in our laboratory no cereals or any products containing gluten are processed in order to avoid contamination. Some productions also develop in the organic farming supply chain.

The Goliose

The current flagship products of “Il colle dei Gusti” are defenitely the spreads with extra virgin olive oil, so much so that the company gave it a name that would group them together, given the more than 40 types that have been created over time: the Goliose. Our Goliose are born from the classic cocoa & hazelnut, as the “Cioccoliva” and the “Noccioliva”, to the much-loved Pasticchiella passing by the “CioccoBrut”, to the dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts: “Granellona” or with candied orange zest: “CioccoArancia”. Not forgetting the “Nocciolissima”, with hazelnut only, cocoa-free, and the “Mandorlosa” aswell as the “Nocemiele”. A special place for the 58 Premium, where the number indicates the percentage of hazelnut inside the product, on the same basis we find the “Frolli'” with crushed cookies (vegan and glutenfree cookies). For the lovers of the real dark chocolate with inebrianting aromas, we couldn't let go fo the Goliose Wild, wild as the land where cocoa is born. The Goliose are made without milk but with vegetable fibers. Contain high qulity extra virgin olive oil, often from the surrounding area and is the only fat added besides to thar naturally contained in the dried fruit characterizing the product.

The ready-made sauces

How to forget the agricultural origin of the company? It is from this experience that readymade sauces, so practical and useful, are created. Born and grow paying more adn more attention to the modern needs of health and ethical choice of life. Vegetarian, vegan, without animal by-products,  meat-free sauces, rich in taste that recall those of trdition. Our meat-free sauces are healthy and environmentally friendly, always good.

The jams

Fruits, sometimes a little sugar, vacuum cooking, and here come the jams, simple and natural. Modern technology at the service of the natural taste of fruit, preserves made as it once was for today's needs. A low-sugar light version is also available.

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